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Insane Joy
Insane Joy is the story of Grandfather Jacob as told to his grandson Joseph. Grandfather Jacob is an African-American male who survived and recovered from mental illness to become a successful writer, scholar, minister, and activist. Insane Joy probes the depths of obstacles and triumphs of successful recovery from schizoaffective disorder, one of the most acute mental illnesses in the world. Through his stern yet calming voice, Grandfather Jacob recounts his story to his grandson who himself is beginning to experience symptoms.

Insane Joy has a humorous and uplifting style to shed fictional light on a pending epidemic. Insane Joy is palatable to any audience, for anyone can relate to the resilience, strength, faith, and grace requisite to overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges. In reading Insane Joy, you will gasp, cry, and most definitely laugh a euphony of cathartic redemption.
Insane Joy


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